New Research Puts Children At The Heart Of Public Space Decisions

Fri 8 Feb 2019
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ZCD Architects' new report, A New Direction and RIBA (funded by Westminster University), seeks to understand the impact of London’s future housing on people and communities and children in particular. ‘Children, a significant and often overlooked group, are routinely marginalised in the race to build more, and impacted disproportionately by change and restrictions on space. This report rethinks the way in which we can design and deliver new neighbourhoods, and improve existing ones, through observing, advocating for and working with children.'

Children are the generators of community life: The secret to designing successful neighbourhoods for all age groups, is to listen to, understand and advocate for children and young people from the outset.

Cover image: ZCD Architects

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Author: Jane Briginshaw, Design England

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