Councillors Reject Major Bristol Regeneration for Non-Compliance

Mon 4 Mar 2019

Bristol City Council members rejected authority's own 1,500-home planning application for the city's largest regeneration scheme because the proposal did not comply with a recently adopted neighbourhood plan.

Departures from the Hengrove and Whitchurch Neighbourhood Plan included a proposed density of 59 dwellings per hectare (dph), compared to the neighbourhood plan target of 70 dph, the size of the proposed park, and a lack of community facilities.

Committee member Mark Wright said: "The low density leads to a park that is not big enough, it leads to the loss of category A trees, it leads to a lack of employment space and designated services" and another member Olly Mead added: "I think it also isn’t a sustainable development. I don’t think it’s long term sustainable in keeping with the ethos of the National Planning Policy Framework, particularly because it is so car-dependent."

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