Wise Council: Cllr Kemi Akinola

Fri 2 Nov 2018
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We asked you, the local councillors, for images of places you love in your neighbourhood and to share why it is special and how it can be improved. This week we hear from Councillor, Kemi Akinola.

'I love this stall, Triming Centre, in Tooting Market because it has been here forever. It’s one of the few places I went to as a child to get ribbons for school and have been able to return to as an adult to get ribbons for work, presents for just about everything. When I visit, the shop owners greet me with a welcoming smile and ask me how I am. It's nice to feel remembered in your community. And it's good to know exactly where to visit for all those little incidentals - buttons, thread, wool and sewing needles and knitting needles - they also have the best variety of fabrics. I wonder how many people throw away a shirt if the buttons pop off because they don't know how to sew a new one on? #LostSkills. Tooting's old market units are just as important as the new food ones and I hope that they don't get pushed out due to rising rents. The diversity of commerce in the markets is what makes them special, intriguing and still interesting'.

'I'm a councillor for Graveney Ward, so this isn't actually in my patch, but I love two things in this photo nevertheless. In the forefront is the children's playground. I grew up playing here and i learned how to ride a bike here as well. It's so important that children have safe, green places to play and sadly there’s no green space in my ward of Graveney. When land becomes available it tends to be built on and the houses are then unaffordable for people in the area and are sold or rented a vastly inflated prices. What we need is a playground or green space so that the people who live here can enjoy a better quality of life and children can run around safely'.

'In the background is St Georges Hospital. The hospital is such an important part of the lifeblood of Tooting and important to many people across London. We have thousands of people coming here every day to study at the university, to work there or to utilise the wonderful NHs. And we have an air ambulance. It is strange however that there's no lift for those unable to take the escalator or an announcement for people to know they should get off at Tooting Broadway for St George’s at the neighbouring tube station'.

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Image: Playground in Tooting Gardens

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Cover Image:  Councillor Kemi Akinola
Author: Jane Briginshaw, Design England

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