Wise Council: Cllr. Paul White

Fri 23 Nov 2018
Issue 10 cover

We asked you, the local councillors, for images of places you love in your neighbourhood and to share why it is special and how it can be improved. This week we hear from Councillor, Paul White.

‘I love where I live, here on the Aboyne Estate. Look at the green space, it’s so important for wellbeing and rather than a closed-off green oasis for individuals it’s for everyone. But now that places like these are being eyed for housing they shouldn’t just be for people who can afford what’s most desirable. The impact on children cannot be under-estimated for play, exploration and freedom. I never forget that people, old and young meet here. Working with resident groups to freshen their estates, by implementing green architecture solutions in communal areas really improve interaction and reduces anti-social behaviour.’

Issue 10 image 1Issue 10 image 3

Until next week. Please make sure to send in your ideas to info@designnetwork.org.uk

Cover image: Councillor Paul White
Author: Jane Briginshaw, Design England

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