Wise Council: Cllr. Maurice Mcleod

Fri 16 Nov 2018
Cllr Maurice Mcleod

We asked you, the local councillors, for images of places you love in your neighbourhood and to share why it is special and how it can be improved. This week we hear from Councillor, Maurice Mcleod.
‘One of the things I love most about Queenstown and the Doddington Estate in particular, is its sense of community. Many people have lived in the area for generations and many more people are new to the area and just starting their Queenstown stories.’

‘The Venue on the Doddington, looked after by volunteer Hadas Hagos is a perfect example of that sense of community. Hadas collects surplus food from nearby New Covent Garden Market and prepares free meals for anyone who needs them. With so many struggling residents, the work carried out by community resources like, The Venue, gives the safety net that stops many falling too far through austerity’s cracks.’

'After years of decreased spending on community services, spiralling house prices, falling police numbers and wage stagnation, crime, street violence and anti-social behaviour are major concerns for many residents.’

‘As the winter months approach, for some of the growing number of homeless in the Borough, the warm corridors and communal areas of estates like the Doddington will be very attractive for those looking for somewhere to lay their heads. Unfortunately, sometimes this comes with anti-social behaviour and other problems for existing residents.’

‘While simply moving people on gives some residents some respite, what’s needed is a holistic approach that looks at housing, social service provision and security as part of the same toolbox.’

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Cover image: Councillor Maurice Mcleod
Author: Jane Briginshaw, Design England

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