The Letwin Review

Fri 9 Nov 2018
Land Issue 8

The objective of the review was to resolve once and for all whether large developers were ‘land banking’. Although Sir Oliver Letwin found no evidence that speculative land banking is part of the business model for major housebuilders, it did however find a problem with the ‘build out rate’, where developers slowed the release of housing so as not to overwhelm the market and keep prices high.

The review also found that developers build too many homes of the same style and size. Sir Oliver Letwin recommends that local authorities take back more control over development by designating large sites in local plans and creating masterplans and design codes. RIBA's response to the Letwin Review's, Ten characteristics of places where people want to live shows what more diverse and large scale developments could look like. These characteristics set out good architecture and urban design principles to create inclusive and balanced communities.

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Author: Jane Briginshaw, Design England

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