Labour Urges Climate Action

Fri 28 Sep 2018
Climate change

While the Government had a break from the spotlight, we took a look at significant Labour Party Conference's announcements on climate change:

  • Pledge to tighten the UK’s decarbonisation trajectory through reducing net carbon emissions by 60% cent by 2030 and to 0% by 2050
  • Committed to £12.8bn for subsidies to insulate homes
  • Create 400,000 skilled jobs

In 2008 the UK introduced the Climate Change Act. As a result the UK is committed to reduce our emissions by 80% by 2050 compared to 1990 levels. Between 1990 and 2016 we have reduced our emissions by over 40%.

DECC Data from 2013 suggests that as many as:

  • 7.6 million homes require solid wall insulation
  • 5.3 million require cavity wall insulation (of which 3.8 million are classed as ‘hard to treat’)
  • 7.4 million un-insulated lofts (of which 1.7 million  are classed as ‘hard to treat’)

We will need to improve most of the UK’s 27 million homes with energy efficiency retrofits to meet our current national carbon target. The conference pledge is more ambitious still. The £12.8bn would go a long way, but as government found the last time it attempted large scale retrofits, money is not always enough. How people behaves plays an important role in saving energy and these proposals will need to form part of a much larger campaign to tackle climate change. 

To that end MP Rebecca Long-Bailey; Shadow Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Secretary, talked about an ‘expert’ report that recommended:

  • Making every house in the UK energy efficient to reduce heat demand from buildings by almost one quarter
  • Providing 85% of electricity demand from renewable and low carbon sources
  • Providing 44% of heating demand from renewable sources
  • Almost tripling solar power

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Author: Jane Briginshaw, Design England

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