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Thu 6 Sep 2018
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Over the summer, government published two important policy documents: the revised National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and the Social Housing Green Paper.

• the revised National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) published 24 July 2018
• the Social Housing Green Paper on the 14th August 2018

The revisions make design polices more central because they are considered key to boosting house building. Chapter 12 ‘Achieving well-designed places’ translates this to policy. Paragraph 124 says that ‘being clear about design expectations, and how these will be tested, is essential’ for achieving sustainable development. Effective engagement e.g. with local communities (including workshops), the use of local design standards or style guides, and the refusal of permissions for developments of poor design are some of the ways the revised NPPF aims to achieve this objective. Crucially, para 130 requires local planning authorities (LPAs) to make sure that the quality of approved developments does not materially diminish ‘between permission and completion, as a result of changes being made to the permitted schemes’.

In launching the new framework, Housing Secretary James Brokenshire’s Written Ministerial Statement said: ‘…Critically, progress must not be at the expense of quality or design. Houses must be right for communities. So the planning reforms in the new Framework should result in homes that are locally led, well-designed, and of a consistent and high quality standard.’

In more detail
See Lichfield’s Planning Matters or have a look at The Town and Country Planning Association’s article on how the new framework will impact the delivery of genuinely affordable new homes.

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Author: Jane Briginshaw, Design England

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