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The NPPF unpacked

How will the government’s recently revised National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) boost house building? Click here to read more.
Issue 1: News 06.09.18

Your Weekly News

Read about the latest news, discover stories and follow opinions from the wider built environment. Click here to read more.
Park Hill Sheffield

May's £2bn boost to housing

Does Theresa May's first time appearance at the premier housing conference signal the governments seriousness to acknowledge the importance of housing quality?
elephant park

Place Value Wiki

Place Value Wiki brings together in a ‘raw’ form the range of rigorous research evidence that links the ‘quality’ and design of ‘place’ with the value added in health, social, economic and environmental terms.
Rabbit 05/10/18

May lifts the cap

Did Theresa May pull a rabbit from the hat? Click here to read about the key moments at the Conservative Party Conference 2018.

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